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Rick Mish

Welcome to Miltronix

My name is Rick Mish and I have been servicing the R-390/R-390A series of receivers since 1980. The reason for focusing on this series is the lack of qualified personnel to service them properly. I have personally remanufactured over 250 R-390 and over 750 R-390A receivers. I chose this series because this is the greatest vacuum tube receiver ever made. This set is the most radio anyone can buy for the "least" amount of money. Fortunately, there are still plenty of replacement parts available. You can't spend any less and get any more radio than this set.

I offer four levels of servicing to fit anyone's budget from beginner to professional. I specialize in "Service - Only". I would like to make servicing inexpensive and painless. I understand and appreciate the pains in packing and shipping this set so work is done completely and correctly so I do not have any back-and-forth shipping.

Give me the opportunity to show you firsthand how this set, when operating properly, will "Beat the pants off" all other receivers. Be proud to own the first set that will still be here operating properly after you pass away. If these sets were taken care of correctly they would still be operating on ships today!

Send your set in today and find out what countless others already know. This set will outlast you and give you the DX'ing edge. Contact me today for the repair and restoration of your R-389, R-390, R-390A, R-391, R-725 receiver or T.M.C. SSB converter.

Mail to:

          36 E. Manhattan Blvd. 
          Toledo, OH  43608		

Phone and FAX lines:

  • 419 255-6220 Telephone 9 AM to 9 PM Eastern Time
  • 419 255-6220 FAX

E-mail to: radiomon@buckeye-access.com

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